Rugby Sevens: Spain Wins Women’s Olympic Repechage Tournament

Spain went undefeated to win the 2016 Women’s Rugby Sevens Olympic Repechage Tournament. 16 nations were split into four groups of four with the top two advancing to the quarter-final. The winner of the tournament qualified as the final team to the Olympics. The Women’s Rugby Sevens Olympic Repechage Tournament was held in Dublin, Ireland from June 25th to June 26th 2016.

Pool A was dominated by Russia as they defeated all three of their opponents scoring more than 47 points each and conceding none. Second place of the group went to Samoa as they defeated Zimbabwe and Madagascar 57-5 and 22-10 respectively. Madagascar finished third by defeating Zimbabwe 19-17.

Pool B was similarly dominated by Spain whom defeated their opponents by a combined score of 121-0.  Tunisia also advanced to the quarter-final with 22-0 and 17-10 victories over Mexico and Venezuela respectively. Since Mexico and Venezuela tied 5-5 in their match third place was decided through point differential where Venezuela’s -52 prevailed over Mexico’s -60.

Pool C had China and Ireland score two victories over Portugal and Trinidad and Tobago to set up a deciding match between the two. Ireland would win the match and the group with a 12-0 victory over China. Portugal finished the group in third place with a 42-0 victory over Trinidad and Tobago.

In Pool D Kazakhstan was the least dominant of the pool winners though finished with a +47 point differential. Argentina finished second in the group after narrow 17-12 and 17-15 victories against Cook Islands and Hong Kong respectively. For third place, since Cook Islands and Hong Kong tied 12-12 in their match third place was decided through point differential where Hong Kong’s -11 was just enough to finish ahead of Cook Islands’ -12.

The quarter-final had the group winners all come out victorious and without conceding a point as Russia defeated Argentina 34-0, Ireland defeated Tunisia 38-0, Kazakhstan defeated Samoa 26-0 and Spain defeated China 21-0. The semi-final between Russia and Ireland was close as Russia at times required to play defense, but were able to prevail with a 19-10 victory. Spain booked its spot to the final with a 28-0 victory over Kazakhstan. The final was also an even affair, but it was Spain whom did just enough to win the match and a spot at the Olympics via a 19-12 victory over Russia. Ireland finished third with a 17-5 victory over Kazakhstan.

This was the final opportunity for nations to qualify in rugby sevens. We now know the 12 men and 12 women teams which will compete when rugby sevens makes its debut at the Olympics.


Tournament Rankings

  • 1. Spain
  • 2. Russia
  • 3. Ireland
  • 4. Kazakhstan
  • 5. China
  • 6. Argentina
  • 7. Samoa
  • 7. Tunisia
  • 9. Cook Islands
  • 10. Hong Kong
  • 11. Portugal
  • 11. Venezuela
  • 13. Madagascar
  • 14. Zimbabwe
  • 15. Mexico
  • 15. Trinidad and Tobago




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