Cycling Mountain: UCI Announces Reallocations

The UCI has announced the reallocation of quotas in mountain biking. In the men’s cross-country Netherlands announced it will use only one quota while Sweden declined the use of its quota. For the women’s cross-country South Africa and New Zealand declined their quotas won at their respective continental qualifiers.

In cycling the first reallocation method is through the tripartite commission where nations which qualified an average of less than eight athletes over the past two Olympics can apply. Two quotas were given out through this method; Lesotho was given a quota to compete in the men’s cross-country while Timor-Leste was given a quota to compete in the women’s cross-country. Since no other tripartite nations were successful the other two quotas were reallocated to the next best ranked nation from the qualification method where the quotas was made available. This meant Great Britain qualified in the men’s Cross-country through the world rankings while Namibia qualified in the women’s Cross-country through the continental qualifier.


Net Quotas by Nations

  • Great Britain – 1
  • Lesotho – 1
  • Namibia – 1
  • Timor-Leste – 1
  • Netherlands – -1
  • New Zealand – -1
  • South Africa – -1
  • Sweden – -1




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