Judo: IJF Reveals Olympic Competitors

The International Judo Federation has released the list of athletes which will compete in judo. The list also reveals the athletes selected through the tripartite commission and revealed two declined quotas. In total 20 quotas were made available to nations which qualified an average of less than eight athletes from individual events over the past two Olympics.

The tripartite quotas went to Afghanistan (men’s -100kg), Andorra (women’s -63kg), Belize (men’s -90kg), Burundi (women’s -52kg), Djibouti (men’s -66kg), Laos (men’s -60kg), Macedonia (women’s -63kg), Monaco (men’s -60kg), Montenegro (men’s -81kg), Nepal (women’s -63kg), Palestine (men’s -60kg), San Marino (men’s -100kg), Sri Lanka (men’s -73kg), Sudan (men’s -90kg), Suriname (men’s -66kg), Syria (men’s -73kg), Tanzania (men’s -73kg) and Yemen (men’s -73kg). The other two quotas were given to athletes competing in the Refugee Olympic Team (men’s -90kg and women’s -70kg).

Two nations also declined their continental quotas; Palau declined its women’s -63kg quota and South Africa declined its men’s -66kg quota. The quotas were reallocated to the next highest ranked nation from their respective continents. South Africa’s quota was reallocated to Congo DR (men’s -66kg) while for Palau no other eligible Oceania athletes remained so the quota was reallocated to the highest ranked eligible athlete, specifically Italy (women’s -48kg).

Provided that there isn’t any last minute injuries this should be the final list of athletes which will compete in the 2016 Olympics.


Net Quotas by Nations

  • Refugee Olympic Team – 2
  • Afghanistan – 1
  • Andorra – 1
  • Belize – 1
  • Burundi – 1
  • Congo DR – 1
  • Djibouti – 1
  • Italy – 1
  • Laos – 1
  • Macedonia – 1
  • Monaco – 1
  • Montenegro – 1
  • Nepal – 1
  • Palestine – 1
  • San Marino – 1
  • Sri Lanka – 1
  • Sudan – 1
  • Suriname – 1
  • Syria – 1
  • Tanzania – 1
  • Yemen – 1
  • Palau – -1
  • South Africa – -1




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