Golf: IGF Confirms Field After Late Changes

The International Golf Federation has announced an updated list of qualified athletes. Some quotas where denied by their federation while others were due to later withdrawals. In total three men and three women have been replaced.

On the women’s side the Netherlands declined both of their quotas while New Zealand also declined Cathryn Bristow’s quota. During the reallocation process Philippines’ Dottie Ardina withdrew. The three reallocated quotas went to Victoria Lovelady (Brazil), Stephanie Meadow (Ireland) and Maha Haddioui (Morocco)

On the men’s side Camilo Villegas (Colombia), Francesco Molinari (Italy) and Angelo Que (Philippines) withdrew and have been replaced by Matteo Manassero (Italy), Rodolfo Cazaubon (Mexico) and Jose-Filipe Lima (Portugal).


Net Changes by Nations

  • Brazil – 1
  • Ireland – 1
  • Mexico – 1
  • Morocco – 1
  • Portugal – 1
  • Italy – 0
  • Colombia – -1
  • New Zealand – -1
  • Philippines – -1
  • Netherlands – -2




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